InfoSecPlayer Haters Ball 2016

Hate the information security industry right now? Think all these tools are full of shit? Great! The InfoSecPlayersClub wants to hear how you plan to fix it. Suggest an idea, we will toss it to a vote and the winners gets 1-2 days of dedicated development in the ragin cajun city of New Orleans.

Conference Details

Location: New Orleans (exact TBD)

When: January 2016

Attire: Ned hoodies preferred

Call for Hate (CFH) Opens: May ??, 2015

Voting Begins September ??, 2015

Idea Confirmed October ??, 2015


Code. Development. Dope lines. Whatever idea wins the vote, gets developed and released. Easy as that. Don't write code? You will be put to work doing whatever.

Suggested Hate Topics

  • Any company product that claims to do something, but doesn't